4 Quick Ways to Nail Your Blogger Outreach Emails

Up your email marketing game with our these top tips

Up your email marketing game with our these top tips

1. Start with the end.

This rule tends to apply to any piece of writing, whether it be an outreach email or a blog post. Consider the outcomes you want first. What are you hoping to get out of the engagement with the blogger and what value can you provide them? If you start with that in mind you are more likely to convey that in your email. Don’t be afraid to get straight to the point by stating who you are and why you are reaching out.  

2. Make it personal.

Bloggers receive so many generic emails - press releases, invitations, randomly get subscribed to newsletters and spam sign up to a new platform. A little bit of care goes a long way when landing in a bloggers inbox. Take the time now to read their ‘about’ section and their last few blogs posts - and weave in a compliment or relate their style to your brand. Investing the time now will massively increase your chance of response and engagement.

3. Don’t be a robot.

This point follows closely from the point before. Remember you are contacting a real human being so keep the email conversational, personal and short.

4. Follow it up.

A lot of bloggers also work in other jobs so are often sorting through their piles of emails at odd times. Draw attention to your email by adding a comment to their blog or latest facebook post, or by dropping them a friendly tweet.

*Image via Leah Remillét, coz who doesn't love some good desk inspo!



Are there any more do’s and don’t’s that you live by for your blogger outreach emails? Share what works and what doesn’t in the comments below!