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5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is Good for Small Brands

Influencer marketing success can be achieved with a small budget

Influencer marketing success can be achieved with a small budget

Influencer marketing is the hot topic of conversation within the business world, with more and more brands investing their budget allocations into influencer campaigns to promote brand awareness. It is estimated that by 2019, there will be approximately 2.77 BILLION social media users, worldwide. This level of exposure can really skyrocket your brands success!


Here are the top reasons why you should start investing in Influencer Marketing today.

It’s more affordable than traditional marketing

In comparison to traditional marketing mixes and advertising techniques, influencer marketing aligns itself perfectly with the budget of a small businesses or start up organisation. Rather than pay hefty advertising fees or run expensive print advertisements, influencer marketing affords you the same audience reach without the price tag. Dependant on which influencers you pick to collaborate with, and the size and length of your campaign, it can cost as little as $100 to kickstart your first influencer marketing campaign!


Some brands make the mistake of assuming influencers with the most followers are the best pick for their campaign, but it’s often the opposite. Micro influencers have a smaller social following, thus their campaign quotes are generally more cost effective than a macro influencer, and sometimes produce a better ROI. Read our blog post on why micro influencers are the key to your businesses success, for more helpful tips.

It’s more personalised

In order to achieve authentic looking content, influencers align their personal brand with that of the campaign they are representing. By personalising the content they create, whether it be through the location of the photo, the comments they reply to or the caption below their post, it gives the campaign a more organic, personal feel.


In fact, according to Nielsen, 83% of consumers trust peer recommendations over branded advertising, showing that the more authentic and personal you can make it, the better!

It’s more targeted - if you look at the analysis!

Targeting your campaign to be seen by potential customers or fans will increase your business sales and success. The audience who sees your campaign is entirely dependant on who you pick as your influencer, so it’s best to evaluate your decision making on more than the influencers follower count. The importance of an influencers audience demographics is often overlooked in favor of the number of followers they have. This can lead to disappointing campaign results as the audience seeing your campaign may not aligned with your brands target audience.


For example, if your brands primary product is a swimsuit line, and you pick a bikini model with 200,000 followers, with the majority of them being male, your entire campaign is being targeted at an audience not suited to your product sale.


Luckily, you can check out the breakdown of an Influencer’s audience in seconds. On the scrunch platform, you can view the audience analytics of different influencers and identify the key identifiers of their followers to make sure they match your target audience. Easy!

It can increase your engagement

Just like you are confined to you desk for 38 hours a week, influencers spend hours upon hours a week on their online platforms. As a result of their high level of online activity, they are actively engaging with fans on their posts; responding to comments, questions and queries. This not only helps to increase the engagement rates on your campaign, but can act as a powerful sales tool for your brand. Engagement is a key metric to determine how an audience responds to an influencers content and you can check out more about the importance of engagement rates in influencer marketing, on the blog.

It can increase sales

Most importantly, influencers drive their followers to buy your product. Whether this was your campaign objective or just an added bonus, influencers can link their post directly to your website, or better yet, to the exact product they are promoting. With the new Instagram features, Influencers can link directly to your webpage through their story, by prompting users to simply swipe up. This creates more online foot traffic on your webpage, in a way your consumers love!

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