8 Tips For Cold Calling And Emailing To Generate Leads And Sales

Cold calling and emailing can be a crucial part of your sales funnel if done effectively, so incorporate these 8 tips into your approach now.

Cold calling and emailing has widely been used as a great first step in connecting with potential customers and clients in the world of sales. Although it does give great results when done effectively, cold calling is not the most comfortable of experiences, both for the caller and receiver. Here are 8 tips that we use when cold calling and emailing to generate sales:

Address Each Email Individually

Spend time personalizing and customizing each cold email and always address it to a specific person (if you don't know who, find out before reaching out). The receiver will be able to see that you have put in the effort and time to research their company and will understand why you think they're a good fit for your product or service.

Ensure You Have The Right Contact Details

It is always important to triple check that you are contacting the correct person. Nothing else will turn off a potential new customer quicker than an email addressed to the wrong person, job title, company or gender. Before you click send, ensure you are 100% confident in your research each and every time. 

Be Concise

Don’t bombard people with too much information in a cold call or email. Too much information will make them loose interest, or they will become confused about what you are actually offering. Be concise and to the point, tell them additional information can be emailed through (or attach it if you are emailing) and give them a simple overview of your company, the product or service you are offering and why it is beneficial to them. Keep it short and sweet for the best results. 

Win Them Over In Your Subject Line 


The subject line is the first thing someone will see in their overflowing inbox so make your first impression count and give them a good reason to open your email.  Carefully construct your subject line into 5-7 words and make relevant, engaging and impossible to ignore. 

Nail Your Intro

When cold calling, it is important to nail your intro and make a great first impression from the minute they answer. Start with your name, job title and company and ask if they have a couple of minutes to chat about your product or service. Once they agree, give them a two-minute overview, much like an elevator pitch, and get their thoughts. Then, the conversation can progress depending on their interest, response and needs. 

Be Confident And Polite

The best way to be confident and polite when on the phone is to smile! It might seem weird, but scientifically, smiling while you talk on the phone can lift your cold calling game because it brings your voice across as vibrant, confident and friendly. Smiling also gives off positive vibes, so the receiver is much more likely to listen and engage with your voice and give you time to explain your business proposal. Never come across as rude or pushy on a call or via email, and if someone says they are not interested, you need to respect that. 

Prepare A Script

You cannot predict what the receiver will say, but you can prepare for a range of questions and comments by preparing a script. Avoid a script with no wiggle room, and opt for a script that will allow you to remember all the little details so you don't miss something important or stutter over a moment of silence.

Follow Up After One Week 

Follow up a cold email or phone call with a week if there was no response from the original outreach. Do not repeatedly email or call every day, because that is annoying and desperate. Instead, send a follow-up email if they haven’t responded or try to call again if you left a voicemail and ask if they received your initial contact and whether they would like any further information. If there is no response to the follow-up, let it go and move on to other leads. If you are getting no response to the majority og your follow-up calls and emails, perhaps consider a new approach to your sales outreach to ensure it is not your wording that is the problem. 

Cold calling and emailing doesn’t have to be a traumatising experience. If you implement these 8 tips into your sales strategy, you will generate more leads and convert more customers through cold calling and emailing. 


If you have a tip to share, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below.