8 Tips for Fashion Bloggers

If you are a fashion blogger, follow these 8 tips to help you grow your blog and social media platforms in no time.

With a sea of fashion bloggers out there, it is hard to stand out. However the seemingly impossible is possible if you follow these 8 tips for fashion bloggers to help you grow your blogging platform and social media channels, and establish yourself as a key influencer in the fashion blogging industry. 

Take More Photos Than You Think You'll Need

Trust me, this is important! Imagine if you only took one shot for each angle when the lighting was perfect, uploaded them to your computer that night and realised you were not in focus or you had a shadow over half of your face. If you take more photos in various locations, positions and with different lighting, chances are, you'll be left with a whole gallery of photos to choose from and only a few duds, which is much, much better than the alternative!

Tag All Brands

By tagging the brands in your Instagram photos, it will boost the chance of your image being regrammed by the company to their followers and dramatically increase your exposure and introduce your blog to a collective of new Instagram users. For example, if you get regrammed by an account that has 1 million followers, your account will be exposed to 1 million instagram users who are interested in the content you are creating. Not bad, right?! 

Hashtagging Is Key

Hashtagging is great way to get more likes and followers on your social media platforms, and it's also great for driving traffic to your blog and increasing your exposure. A hashtag allows potential followers and readers to search a hashtag and view images listed within that category, so using good, relevant hashtags, like brand names or industry-specific hashtags, for your photos will make you visible to Instagram users who are also interested in similar fashion styles, brands and trends.

Reply To All Comments


No matter how minuscule or small the comment might be, you should make it your mission to respond to all, or as many comments as you possibly can. Not only will you seem more friendly and approachable to new followers, but there's also opportunity to network with fellow bloggers and brands who can help grow your blog. 

Work With Brands You Love and Support

Choosing to work with a brand is a big decision and it should only be done with brands you would actually support and endorse even when there is no monetary or other incentive. Why? Your followers and readers believe everything you say and trust your judgement, so if you choose to post about something irrelevant that doesn’t follow your general style and aesthetic, you're readers will know and it won’t be long before you losing credibility and followers. The moral of the story is, don't collab purely for the sake of earning some pocket money or freebie products/services, because it isn't worth it in the long run.  

Be Aesthetically Appealing







Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t mean you should make your account visually appealing to yourself first and foremost. Develop an easy-to-follow strategy as to what types of content you will be posting and aim to keep it consistent, whether that be filters, colours, image size or style. Aesthetic is so important, especially on Instagram, so find a balance betwene what you love, and what your readers love.

Collaborating With Other Bloggers

An easy way to get an increase in organic engagement is to collaborate with fellow bloggers who have a similar style as your account and blog. Through this method, your account will be exposed to their followers and theirs exposed to your followers, so you are helping to build and strengthen each others platforms for the better.

Invest In A Good Camera

The quality of your images is a key determinant in whether or not a person looking at your account will choose to follow you. High-quality images from a DSLR camera rather than an iPhone will capture the finer details better and give your blog a more professional look. DSLRs aren’t cheap, so ensure you are serious about making yourself a blogging star before investing. If you're a one woman (or man!) team, make sure you have a tripod on hand when shooting outfit photos, or if you're one of the lucky ones who have a partner or friend with a good eye for photography, recruit them ASAP.

Now you know 8 of the best that will transform your blog from drab to fab in no time. What tips are you excited to take on? Do you have any tips to add? We can't wait to hear your thoughts!