Influencer Marketing Case Study

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Micro-influencers For A Groundswell Approach with MINI Australia

Can micro-influencers benefit your influencer campaigns? Read our case study to find out!

Many marketers and brands think they need to go big and invest big to get results from influencer marketing, but that’s a total myth. We recently worked on a campaign with MINI Australia in partnership with Vogue Australia with 5 micro-influencers in the Australian fashion space to highlight the stylish features of a new MINI car model.

Want to know the results? Check out our case study below…

The Brief

Brand: MINI Australia in partnership with Vogue Australia

Product: New model of the MINI Convertible

Goal: Leverage influencers to build awareness of the stylish features of the MINI Convertible.  

Strategy: Target 5 micro-influencers in the Australian fashion space to test-drive the MINI Convertible and create content about the experience and favorite features of the car.

Key Platform: Instagram

The Results

5 influencer collaborations

14 Instagram posts

8,319 Engagements with campaign content

147,800 consumers reached

Key Learnings:

  • Micro-influencers are great for a groundswell approach to influencer marketing and brand awareness. Starting small and gaining momentum is a great way to execute the first stage of an influencer strategy, especially if limited budget is available.
  • Campaign hashtags should be unique to the campaign and not used in general by consumers and social media users. For example, influencer content gets lost on the branded hashtag #mini which has been used in over 7 million posts. A more unique, creative hashtag is more effective to group content together and build a conversation around a brand.

Here are some of the fun influencer images with the MINI Convertible….

Summer holiday vibes with Kirsten Anderton

Travelling to the beach in style with Nora Chan 

Cars and fashion can go hand-in-hand, as Danielle and Nicole from When Words Fail show us

Windswept and loving it with Aicha from The Fashion Heist

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