Influencer Marketing Case Study

Case Study: Gifting To Influencers To Generate Sales with Minnie & Maxxie

Here we share our case study, the results and insights and key learnings on working on a fashion campaign with a contra-only strategy.

We say it time and time again that it is always best to invest some budget into your influencer marketing strategy because it is an influencer marketing best practice, and it does help you get the best results. But that is not to say that there is no other way.

Sometimes there simply is no budget to invest at a given time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started with a contra strategy. We recently worked with Australian fashion retailer Minnie & Maxxie to gift influencers pieces from their range of fashion styles to introduce them to the brand and start to generate exposure and ultimately sales.   

Here we share our case study, the results and insights and key learnings on working on a fashion campaign with a contra-only strategy.

The Brief

Brand: Minnie & Maxxie

Goal: Increase exposure among fashion consumers in Australia and New Zealand to ultimately generate sales.

Strategy: Gift product to micro-influencers in the fashion space in Australia and New Zealand so they can style the pieces in an upcoming look at their own discretion.

Key Platform: Instagram for reach, engagement and brand awareness, and blog and Facebook content to increase web traffic.

The Results

19 Influencer Collaborations

42 Instagram posts

18,459 direct engagements with campaign content

333,445 consumers reached (size of audience reached)

Key Learnings:

  • If you want to generate eCommerce sales, you need to leverage influencers with good engagement on their blog and Facebook channels, as these types of content allow for links, which are a more direct call to action. With a contra-only strategy, this was not always possible so content did not always contain a direct link to the product (this is one of the disadvantages of a contra-only strategy).
  • When an influencer wears a style from a fashion brand, it is possible that their audience will react in a positive way and sales of that product in particular will increase. It’s important to ensure you have large quantities of popular styles, particularly the specific styles influencers are gifted, as well as the option to pre-order a product if it does go out of stock. This is so you don’t miss out on any conversion opportunities!
  • When working on a contra-only strategy in the fashion industry, it is important to allow influencers to select the pieces that they want to work with, as they will ultimately wear them more, which means more organic exposure for the brand.
  • A great way to track and measure influencer engagements on Instagram is to give each influencer a unique discount code to share with their audience. Using discount codes in this campaign enabled us to track, measure, optimize and report on the influencers involved.

Here are some of the influencers we worked with on this campaign and how they styled Minnie & Maxxie...

Sarah from Sarah Merrett Styling 

Nicole and Danielle from When Words Fail

Katherine Saab from Stylendipity

Brooke from What Brooke Wore

Brittany Noonan

Bron Sheridan from Real Mum Style

Cate from Individual Style 101

Alex Moulden 

Katherin Eleyce

Bev from Iris May Style 

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