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How To Make Your Instagram Shoppable

With Instagram being an essential eCommerce avenue for brands, we spill all the deets on how to make your Instagram the most shoppable

With Instagram being an essential eCommerce avenue for brands, we spill all the deets on how to make your Instagram the most shoppable

Instagram has become a marketplace for brands to reach out to new and existing customers and now, with quicker and faster ways to shop direct from the social media platform, Instagram as an eCommerce avenue is certainly thriving. Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly through a brand's website to find a particular item without a product code or style to search with, as Instagram shopping just got smarter and sexier.


Here are a couple of ways to make it easier for your Instagram followers to shop your brand and product straight from an Instagram post. 


1. The first option is to build, or use a program that creates an Instagram-specific online shop that is linked to in the Instagram bio, the only place a click-through link exists on Instagram. When a consumer sees an item they like, they can simply click the link and be directed to an exclusive insta-shop, where Instagram images are linked to the product page to make the process quick and easy. It works because it captures impulse purchasing behaviour and streamlines the process by taking out additional steps consumers have to make between seeing the product on Instagram and entering their credit card details. 


2. The second, is to use a platform such as or who do all of the hard work for you. How does it work? Essentially, when an Instagram user likes an image tagged with and have an account with the company, they will be sent an email with the product information and a link to the purchase page. 


3. Run an exclusive sale for your Instagram followers to discover and track the traction on the platform. Promote the sale to your community on Instagram and direct them to a dedicated link in your bio that takes them to a secret page on your website.You'll find that consumers respond to promotions that are exclusive and for a limited time only. 


4. Finally, if your budget is low or you're not interested in using a third party, you can make your Instagram more consumer friendly to drive sales by providing clear product shots that highlight all of the features of the product, include all of the details including style, size, color and price (don't skip over this one!) and change your bio link often depending on the season, featured product, new styles and promotion. Anything that makes purchasing from Instagram easier is a win in our books!



If you're a brand, how do you make your Instagram shoppable without having links in the captions?