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VIDEO: 5 Important Influencer Metrics

In this video Scrunch CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis shares the metrics you must consider.

Metrics and data in influencer marketing are critical to ensure your campaign achieves the goal of the strategy, especially in the early stages of implementing an influencer campaign. But what metrics are important?
In this video, Scrunch CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis shares 5 influencer metrics that are important when evaluating whether an influencer is suitable for a campaign.


Hi, Danielle here from Scrunch back with another influencer marketing insight and today we’re talking metrics, so that is the data-points that you should be looking for when you are evaluating whether an influencer is suitable for your campaign. I’m excited to share 5 with you today.

Number one is follower range. So usually the number of followers an influencer has dictates how expensive they are to work with. The more followers they have, the more it’s likely to cost you.

Number two is engagement. So engagement is when an influencer posts, how many of their followers take an action, so do they like it, do they share it or do they comment on it.

Number three is content. So, it’s not really a hard metric, but ensuring that the content the influencer produces is aligned to your brand aesthetically is also super important.

Number four is location. So usually you are looking for an audience in a specific location, whether you have a product that you ship somewhere or whether you are holding an event. So making sure the influencer is also located there is a good place to start.

Number five is platform. So if you’re targeting a specific platform for your campaign, like Instagram, make sure the influencer is also most successful on that platform.

Now if this is all sounding like a little bit of hard work, I’d love you to check out Scrunch where we have done all of the heavy lifting for you and have all of those metrics on all of the influencers. Check out for more details.