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Live on the Tweet: February 2017

Want on-the-go influencer marketing tips and tricks? Stay tuned to Live on the Tweet this month!

Want on-the-go influencer marketing tips and tricks? Stay tuned to Live on the Tweet this month!

If you're a regular reader of the scrunch blog, you will know that this year we have introduced a new video series called Live on the Tweet with our CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis. Last month, she shared some valuable insights, commentary and tips on influencer marketing, which you can catch up on in this blog post if you haven't already. This month, you can expect a whole lot more as Danielle takes us on a journey through her best tips and tricks when it comes to influencer marketing, all in bite-sized, actionable snippets.


Be sure to follow along on Danielle's Twitter and the hashtag #liveonthetweet, and subscribe to our Youtube channel to see every video. You can also stop by this post throughout February to catch all of the tips, as well as links to other helpful content and examples. 


So, let's get stuck into it! 


Live on the Tweet: Working With Food Influencers - Danielle shares her favourite strategy for working with influencers if your brand is in the food and beverage space. Watch the video and read our blog post on 13 different strategies for food collaborations

Live on the Tweet: The One Thing You Should Do Before Influencer Outreach - Before reaching out to influencers with a collaboration request, you should always follow them on their social media platforms and like, comment, share and retweet their content to show them some love before you reach out.


Live on the Tweet: Influencer Marketing Disclosure Guidelines In Australia - Last week, new guidelines by the Australian Association of National Advertisers were published and include provisions that will impact influencer marketing in Australia and disclosure of sponsored and branded collaborations. You can read more about the new guidelines for influencer marketing in Australia here

 Live on the Tweet: Influencers are professional content creators - When developing an influencer campaign or negotiating an engagement, keep in mind that influencers are expert content creators and can be used to create content for your brand, or create a bespoke product or service for your brand. in the video, Danielle mentions a case study with a fabulous wallpaper brand Milton & King, who we helped launch a design project with key influencers in North America. You can read more about The Tastemakers Collection here

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