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Live on the Tweet: March 2017

On-the-go influencer marketing tips and tricks from Scrunch CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis

On-the-go influencer marketing tips and tricks from Scrunch CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis

Have you been following our new video series on our CEO and Co-Founder's Twitter? Danielle shares on-the-go influencer marketing tips and tricks on influencer marketing to share information about the exciting space we're in and help you make the most of your influencer strategy. Here you can find a wrap-up of the tips from this month and any helpful links that Danielle mentions. 


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Live on the Tweet: The Influencer Marketing Glossary of Terms - Danielle shares some information on a fantastic new resource that the Scrunch team has been working on - an influencer marketing glossary of terms! The influencer marketing glossary is packed with over 110+ key terms that are used frequently in the influencer marketing space, so if you ever feel overwhelmed, bookmark this one for safe keeping!   


Live on the Tweet: Engagement Rates - Why is engagement rate important, and how do you calculate it? Danielle shares a simple formula you can use to manually calculate engagement rate and some tips on why it is important.The formula is: 


Sum of all likes and comments on 5 most recent posts divided by 5 = average post engagement 

Average post engagement divided by number of followers, times by 100 to get a percentage

Live on the Tweet: Australian Beauty Influencers - In this Live on the Tweet video, Danielle shares one of her recent favorite posts from the Scrunch blog about Australian beauty influencers. Check out the video to see how we have done the hard work for you if you are in the Australian beauty space! 

Live on the Tweet: Australian Disclosure Guidelines - The new influencer marketing disclosure guidelines come into effect from March 1 in Australia, impacting brands and influencers who engage in influencer marketing campaigns. Find out what changes you need to make to ensure you are not breaching the new guidelines below. 

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