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Decoding Design with Anna Harrison

Here Anna shares some insights on building great teams and products

Here Anna shares some insights on building great teams and products

Our Head of Product Anna Harrison recently shared insights at BrisJS on design, her experience building great teams and products and a little about what our team at Scrunch are up to.


To share some of the presentation with the wider community, we've put together some key takeaways from Anna's talk, and if you're interested, you can download the slides here

Key Takeaways from the presentation: 


1. To create a successful SaaS product, you need to harmonize IT, Design and Marketing 


2. It, Design and Marketing teams traditionally work to different success metrics:

    1. IT success is measured by velocity and software maintainability
    2. Design success is measured by product usability
    3. Marketing success is measured by traffic and conversion metrics

3. Quite often, it’s not possible to optimise for all three of these simultaneously, and this can lead to conflict between teams


4. Awareness of the reasons for this conflict and fear are key to developing better products:

    1. Reducing choices rather than providing configurable and generic products
    2. Understanding where the value and desire lies for a specific audience - this is not always where the technology is the most complex
    3. Using design to add a layer of trust to the technology to strengthen product-customer relationships
    4. Anticipating, and solving for, customer anxieties in the product journey

5. Applying these same principles to creating stronger teams


6. Understanding that diversity and inclusion in teams are fundamental as they bring other perspectives to the process of product design. 


7. Easy strategies for creating stronger teams:

    1. Eat together - get to know each other as humans
    2. Sit together - co-locate development, UX and marketing where possible
    3. Sprint together - normalise interactions between teams to make the others’ perspective part of your normal work environment


A few questions were asked after the presentation, here are the links to resources that I talked about:

And a few interesting Design and UX meetups that I think are worth checking out

Want to know more or have a question for Anna? Just email and we'll pass it on!