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Here are all the product updates that you need to know

Here are all the product updates that you need to know

31st May 2017
New features
  • Profile detail panel
    • Get comprehensive details of a profile displayed in a convenient slideout panel by clicking on the profiles image on the Direct search, Bookmark, Lists or Campaign windows
    • When viewing the Content details panel you can now quickly open the owner's Profile details using the link at the top left of the panel
    • When viewing the Notes panel you can now quickly open the owner's Profile details using the link at the top left of the panel
    • Profile details can be viewed as a single page by opening in a separate tab. Note: This functionality will be extended in the future


  • Notes shortcut button
      • A new Notes button has been added to the action buttons for each profile. This allows you to quickly open the Notes panel
      • The button will show a green dot if the profile has a note already added
      • Hovering over a Note button will displayed a tooltip that shows a summary of any notes added to a profile
  • Campaign pitches
    • PLEASE NOTE: This is the first iteration of this feature and is undergoing a significant UI upgrade that will be released soon
    • Influencers who have been invited to participate in a campaign can now submit a pitch for work to complete
    • Campaign owners can view pitches and choose which pitches to accept or decline. These are accessible from the Pitches section in a campaign
Fixes & improvements
  • Bug fixes 

27th Mar 2017

New features
  • Engagement column
    • View an influencers engagement across different social platforms


Fixes & improvements
  • Contact actions
      • Relocated contact actions in the directory
  • Bug fixes

11th Jan 2017

New features



Fixes & improvements
  • Bug fixes

23rd Nov 2016

New features
  • Import profiles
    • Paste the URL of the blog, Instagram, or Twitter account of the profile you want to import
    • Import multiple profiles at once by adding URLs on separate lines
    • Directly import new profiles into saved lists


Download plan invoices

  • Download PDFs of your plan invoices inside the Scrunch app


17th Nov 2016

New features
  • Edit profiles
    • Edit the information of any profile in the directory and submit them for review by Scrunch staff
    • Once the edit has been approved you will be able to see the changes in the directory


Fixes & improvements
  • Bug fixes

25th Oct 2016

New features
  • Campaigns influencer page
    • Add lists of profiles to a campaign
    • Accept or reject profiles/influencers in a campaign
    • Submit your campaigns to your Scrunch Account Manager to get recommended influencers


Twitter contact

  • Quick link to tweet to profiles with a Twitter account

20th Oct 2016

  • Updated campaign briefing form
    • You can now see information tooltips on most of the fields, as well as better examples for each field.
Fixes & improvements
  • Bug fixes

18th Oct 2016

New features
  • Sharing lists
    • Share your influencer lists with your team, clients or anyone on the web.


Fixes & improvements
  • Improved topic tagging
    • Significant increase of profiles being tagged with topics in the directory.

14th Oct 2016

New features
  • Facebook bio's in the directory. The inclusion of which will compliment the following features:
    • Topic tagging profiles
    • Location tagging profiles
    • Finding emails for profiles
    • Finding social accounts to merge to profiles
    • Directory searches matching on Facebook bio's
  • Updated profile images
    • You can now see profile images update on demand when loading a directory page.
Fixes & improvements
  • Improved results when searching directory
    • Improved results will be returned when searching the 'technology' topic in the directory.
  • Improved accuracy of location tags
    • Utilization of location mention tagger to tag network labels, resulting in more accurate location tags on profiles.

13th Oct 2016

Hey Scrunch family! We acknowledge that our product changes page has been looking a little neglected of late, but that stops today! Stay tuned for updates on bug fixes, new features and other fresh content.


Recent new features
  • Campaigns
    • Create and submit a campaign brief and one of our Campaign Managers will jump in and create a bespoke list of influencer recommendations for your campaign.
  • Notes feature
    • Adding notes to profiles allows you to track what you have done, as well as assist you in remembering key points about a particular influencer.
  • Contact feature
    • Profiles/influencers can be contacted via social networks, email, or website contact pages depending on what is available for that profile.
  • Topics table improvements
    • Re-formatting and population of the topics table has allowed for more accurate search results to be returned within the directory.

3rd Jun 2016

This release added support for filtering by a date in the directory.

New features
  • Added date range filter to directory.
    • Use predefined time periods like 'past week' to quickly show recent content.
    • Use custom date ranges to show content before, after, or between specific dates.

24th May 2016

This release added a contact action to directory profiles and improved directory performance.

New features
  • Added contact action to directory profiles.
    • Websites of profiles in the directory are automatically searched for contact details.
    • If contact details are found, the contact button will display on the profile row in the directory.
    • Click the contact button to see the available methods to contact the profile.
  • Improved directory performance.

14th May 2016

This release added the new engagement rate column to the directory, as well as a follower range filter.

New features
  • Added engagement rate column.
    • Profiles with enough followers and posts will be assigned an engagement rate percentage.
    • This percentage shows how much of the audience engages with posts made by the profile.
    • Engagement rates are updated over time.
  • Added follower range filter.
    • Filter directory results by a minimum and/or maximum number of followers.

29th Apr 2016

This release added the bookmarks and lists features.

New features
  • Added bookmarks action to directory profiles.
    • Click the bookmarks button on a directory profile to save it to your bookmarks.
    • Create lists from the bookmarks button to group and organize your bookmarks.
  • Added bookmarks and lists sections.
    • Access your bookmarks and lists from the navigation menu.
    • Lists that you create will appear underneath the bookmarks section in the navigation menu.

 19th Apr 2016

This release adds support for Twitter data in Scrunch.

New features
  • Added support for Twitter data.
    • Searching the directory now returns results from Twitter.
    • Use the network filter to filter by Twitter data.

11th Apr 2016

This release focused on improving the search feature of the directory and introduces the topics feature (currently in open beta).

New features
  • Added beta version of the topics feature.
    • Topics categorise profiles and improve search results when searching for broad terms.
    • Profiles are tagged with topics based on the keywords found in their content.
    • Searching for a keyword will return results from relevant topics. For example, searching for 'sportswear' will return profiles that mention sportswear brands like 'Nike'.
    • A small range of content is currently being categorised into topics, with more topics being added daily.
  • Added suggestions to the search field.
    • Keywords and topics are now suggested as you type into the search field.
  • Search now supports multiple keywords without having to use the advanced search function.
  • Search now matches against more content in the directory expanded view.

8th Mar 2016

This release focused on improving the location filtering feature of the directory.

New features
  • Custom locations can now be added to your location filters - filter the directory by towns, cities, states, or countries.
  • Added location filter matching options.
    • Match locations against profile location.
    • Match locations against post location.
    • Match locations against locations mentioned in content.
  • Filters can be added to directory without a search term.
  • Profiles without a location are now tagged with the most common location they post from.

22nd Feb 2016

This release focused on improving the signup and onboarding process for new scrunch users.

New features
  • Moved domain from to
  • Added an onboarding tutorial. After signing up, users will be able to run through a checklist of the basics of using scrunch.
  • Unread content in the ‘new results’ view will display a ‘new’ label.
  • Added a help panel to the app. Click the help button to find support links or chat to the scrunch team.
  • ‘My posts’ section will now display app connection buttons (until all connections are completed).
  • Added email verification. New users will be prompted to confirm their email address.
  • ‘New results’ views now show the newest results first.
  • Signup process has been simplified. New users will not need to complete their directory profile before using the scrunch app.
  • New scrunch users will not display in the directory search results until they have connected an app to their profile.
    • When an app is connected to a new profile it will automatically fill in fields for that profile.
  • User deleted content is now marked up as deleted in the content detail panel.
Fixes & improvements
  • Improved page loading when performing an advanced search.
  • Improved loading of content detail panel.
  • Improved display of settings pages on smaller screens.
  • Improved the functionality of the app connection buttons.
    • After connected, buttons will now display a dropdown with additional options and information on the connection.

1st Feb 2016

Scrunch is now out of beta! This release adds powerful improvements to the directory.

New features
  • Added directory alerts. Save a directory search as an alert to get notified of new mentions matching your keywords.
  • Content detail panel and pages. Click on content in the directory preview to view full details and stats.
  • Inbox channels have been removed - monitor for keywords using the new alerts feature in the directory.
    • All plans now have unlimited mentions.
    • The number of alerts you can create is based on your current plan level.
  • The nav menu has been overhauled.
    • Views for each section are now accessed from the nav menu, such as the summary or ‘new results’ views.