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VIDEO: Influencer Outreach Tips

In this short video, Scrunch CEO and Co-Founders shares 3 influencer outreach tips

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is “how should I reach out to an influencer and get them involved in my campaign?” Influencer outreach can be a tricky, as you have to craft a great outreach email that excites the influencer and offers them a compelling reason to work with you.

Watch the video below for Danielle’s must-know influencer outreach tips. For even more tips, make sure you take a look at Actionable Outreach Tips To Get More Replies From Influencers.


Hi, Danielle here with another influencer marketing insight and today we're talking outreach. 

One of the most popular questions we get here at Scrunch is ‘how do you actually reach out to an influencer?’. We find the most successful ways are through their social pages or via email, and I’ve got three tips for you today. 

Our first one, make it personal. Do your research! Check out their social pages, visit their blogs so when you do email you can make a comment on one of their most recent posts.

The second recommendation is try to articulate why the collaboration would be interesting for the influencer and their audience, that’s the why you should work together.

And the third one is, make it exciting. Influencers love to work on cool campaigns so talk yours up.

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