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VIDEO: How to Measure Influencer Marketing Success

Learn Danielle's top tips for measuring the success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

When developing and running an influencer marketing campaign, it is absolutely critical to ensure that you know how to measure success.

Just like any marketing strategy, you need to have a clear goal and KPIs so you can measure influencer marketing success, otherwise you might just be throwing money down the drain.

In this video, Scrunch CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis shares her tips on how to measure influencer marketing success and what is important to consider.


Hi, Danielle here from Scrunch back with some more influencer marketing insights and today we’re talking KPIs.

When you start any kind of marketing campaign for your business it’s important to understand what your measures of success are, otherwise, you could just be throwing money down the drain. Well influencer marketing is no different.

Whenever anybody asks me what kind of KPIs they should be setting, I always come back to - what is the one metric that matters for your business right now?

Are you just trying to create awareness, or are you trying to drive website traffic? Or, are you actually trying to sell a product?

Understanding what your measure of success is, is important before you start a campaign and it could actually have significant impact on which influencers you choose. I’ll give you an example….

If you’re trying to drive website traffic, you actually probably wouldn’t work with Instagrammers because they can’t post a link in their content. You might actually choose a blogger or an influencer on Facebook or Twitter.
So, before you start your influencer campaign have a really good think about what your measure of success is, and if you need any more influencer marketing tips check out and sign up to our weekly newsletter.