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What Is An Instameet and How Can It Work For Your Brand?

You might be thinking what the heck is an instameet? We tell you all the details you need to know

You might be thinking what the heck is an instameet? We tell you all the details you need to know

An Instameet is literally an Instagram Meeting. Instameets started out being organised by devoted Instagramers so they could meet in-person, explore a city and of course take photos. But now the social phenomenon is being picked up by brands as a way to connect with their customers, generate social buzz and reach new audiences.


Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger made headlines this year by organising the first Instameet at New York Fashion Week. The designer organised the meet in collaboration with New York-based Instagram influencers Brian DiFeo and Anthony Danielle of The Mobile Media Lab. Over 300 applications were received and a select group of Instagrammers were chosen to experience the show backstage. What made this meet different, was that the Instagramers were not Influencers by today’s ‘must-have-a-minimum-of-10k-followers-to-apply’ standards. They ranged from five hundred followers to a few thousand followers each. Hilfiger was adamant this be the case in an effort to ‘democratise the runway’. And what he missed out on in potential reach, he made up for in positive press.

Connection and Authenticity

An Instameet is an opportunity to have a ‘real-life’ connection with your customers and with Influencers who care about your brand. It is an opportunity to share your brand’s story through a medium that resonates with Social Influencers.

New Audiences

It is an added bonus that your Instameet will be broadcast out to the followers of each attendee, exposing your brand to a potential new audience of customers.

Content Creation

Influencers and Instagramers are some of the best content creators in the business. Inviting them into your world and giving them your products to photograph taps into this creative genius. The end result is a bevy of content that you can share on your on social platforms, in turn delivering value back to the creators. And that is a win-win.

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