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What Your LinkedIn Profile Should Say About You

Your LinkedIn profile is a professional representation of you and your skills, so use it to your advantage and create a great first impression.

Previously an optional addition to your resume, a LinkedIn profile is fast becoming the future of job applications. Job recruiters and companies use the platform as a way to find adequate potential employees and nowadays, LinkedIn acts as a digital “first impression" for job seekers and employers looking to fill a specific position. So, does your LinkedIn profile give you a good impression? 

Have A Good Profile Photo 

Profiles with no photo are known to be overlooked on LinkedIn. In fact, according to the social networking platform, people are 7 to 14 times more likely to click on a profile that has a profile photo. However, your LinkedIn profile photo should definitely not be the of you and your dog that you use on Facebook, or the fun picture of your crew from a weekend bender. Your profile photo should be representative of you at your professional best, which includes corporate clothing, well-groomed and smiling, with limited editing and filters. A good profile photo will give potential employers a better perception of your competence and also give them an idea of your attitude towards work and professionalism. 

Include All Relevant Details

And don’t skimp on the little things. Ensure you include your education and qualifications, industry experience and skills to allow employers to gain a better understanding of whether you are a good fit for a position they are looking to fill. This detailed evaluation should compliment your resume and again, strengthen your abilities and competency. Also, use keywords to optimize the searchability of yourself and your profile to ultimately attract more opportunities and professional connections. 

Regularly Update Your Profile

Keep your profile active and updated to ensure it includes everything a potential employer needs to consider you for a position. Updating your profile with new experience, qualifications, promotions, skills and contact details, as well as posting something from your profile, increases the chances of people finding your profile. By keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date, you will ensure recruiters notice you.  

Personalize Connection Requests

By personalizing the typical “I’d like to add you to my professional network” message, you will be much more likely to receive an acceptance or response from a potential connection. It shows to those you are wanting to connect with that you are worthy of their time, you have looked at the profile and want to connect and collaborate rather than seeming spammy. Aim to keep it short and professional, but with a personal touch.

Triple Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Nothing is more off-putting than a LinkedIn profile or job application that is riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Not only does it look unprofessional and lazy, it will also dramatically limit the opportunities that come your way. When a recruiter sees bad spelling and grammar on a professional platform like LinkedIn, they are much more likely to click straight off the profile and go to their next applicant, no matter how fabulous the applicant seemed. Your LinkedIn profile is a public version of your resume, so it is only necessary you apply the same rigorous spelling and grammar standards to your LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool when it comes to job hunting and professional networking, so ensure your profile is professional and includes everything that makes you a fantastic connection.